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This Home is set up for a  very special Christmas Party event.

Luxury Homes

Luxury Real Estate including Homes and Condo's Re-Defined

Ever read a handful of property descriptions for homes across the board and found that most often used adjective is one such as luxury?  This is a very over used term in residential real estate.

One man's luxury home is another's necessity!  Just because a master suite features walk-in closets or a soaking tub does not necessarily qualify it as a luxury home.  The features of a luxury home are as dependent upon the attributes of the neighborhood in which it is located as much as custom cabinetry, elite appliances to detailed woodwork distinguishing fine construction from mediocre.

True luxury home neighborhoods are composites of several social indicators, not just ample square footage.  Some of the characteristics that The Buyer's Agent Dallas will evaluate for a buyer are security levels including staffed guard gates, the long-standing history of the neighborhood, amenities afforded residents including club memberships and services as well as architectural controls and plans for the development of adjacent real estate and land.

When it comes to assisting buyers who are seeking luxury properties, no one is better than The Buyer's Agent Dallas which are exclusive buyer agents.  We are thoroughly informed on the nuances of luxury properties that separate a good buy from one that can result in disappointment down the line.  As a seasoned exclusive buyer's agents, The Buyer's Agent Dallas is easily able to report to a prospective buyer the finer points in a homes construction and/or location that will sustain its reputation over time.

The pictures below are of Luxury Homes, Condo's, and New Luxury Homes under Construction in north Dallas.